Everyone want’s to know about more ways of warming-up these days, but no one really seems to know what it is, in general. Is it physical? Is it mental? Is it even necessary?

In this popular workshop, we will look at not only what warming-up is from the traditional, established point of view, but also reframe and re-define what warming-up can be – and even SHOULD be!

What’s missing from the current view of warming up is the role that the brain and nervous system play in preparing one for singing (or any action). Once this is clear, it opens up a world of fun possibilities that can facilitate everything that one could want warming-up to be and takes it even further into the realm of deep learning, creative experimentation, and somatic re-organization.

Sounds interesting, yes?

In this workshop, be prepared to have a totally new, global sense of yourself and your voice as you lay the ground for always being prepared to sing in any way you like!

4 full days.*