“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”
-William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

Phonemes are “grains of sound.” As the smallest units of human sound possible, they are the building blocks of all spoken languages – all utterances and expressions from joy to sorrow, indifference to wonder. Yet every phoneme holds, in itself, a world of possibility and power for each of us to behold and experience internally, somatically.

In this workshop we will explore the realm of potential that each phoneme provides and harness its unique power to teach, reorganize and re-shape the entire voice, indeed the entire self.

Topics included:

  • “Experiential IPA” (International Phonetic Alphabet)
  • Phoneme lessons, phoneme qualities
  • Early Voice Development and Sounds
  • Diction and Pronunciation (Not in a stuffy way!)
  • and many surprises along the way…

If you are not sure if this workshop is for you, think about it this way: The complete list of phonemic possibilities is like the periodic table of chemical elements. Each element is discreet, and a unique world of its own, yet each can be combined infinitely with every other one to create unimaginable complexity and variety. As elements are the basis of life, so too are phonemes the basis of all communication. Singing, some say, is the height of human vocal expression. Therefore, becoming adept with and mastering phonemes will, in a truly foundational way, improve every aspect of your voice.

Here’s the Blake poem from above written out, phoneme by phoneme, in IPA:

[tu si ə wɜrld ɪn ə greɪn ʌv sænd]
[ænd ə ˈhɛvən ɪn ə waɪld ˈflaʊər]
[hoʊld ɪnˈfɪnəti ɪn ðə pɑm ʌv jʊər hænd]
[ænd ɪˈtɜrnəti ɪn ənˈaʊər]

How beautiful is that?!?

Maybe you already read IPA, maybe not. It does not matter.
Either way, after this workshop, I trust that you will be as fascinated by phonemes as I am and will have begun, or have deepened, your own journey into the heart of each sound though developing PHONEMOPHILIA: a deep love of all things phonemic!

4 full days.