This dynamic and open-ended-style workshop is emblematic of the VLS approach; it’s about everything and nothing at the same time. Sound weird? Well, it’s unusual, perhaps, but not weird.

Here’s how it works:

Each registrant will receive a questionnaire prior to the workshop in which, among other things, they will be asked “What’s the one thing that you could improve about your singing right now that would have the biggest positive effect overall?” Perhaps, for you, at that time, it’s the use of your jaw, your breathing, or high notes, etc. On the first night of the workshop we will all introduce ourselves and Robert will ask you a bit more about your answer to that question. This will happen for each person in the group. Then, on the spot, given everyone’s answers, Robert will create the workshop for the weekend in such a way that it will satisfy everyone’s interests and requests.

The benefit to this approach is that you come with one important question, but get at least 10 important answers! Also, there is randomness built into the format so that you can improve more than you even thought possible – in addition to the learning that occurs around your own personal request.

The other special thing is that you can take this workshop again and again and it will always be different – different people, different problems, different learning.

Sometimes, whenever possible, Robert will be joined by other teachers, and mentees, so that there’s even more randomness and ideas play with!

Friday Night (2.5 hours)
Saturday (full day)
Sunday (half day)