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February 6, 13, 20, 27 
THE VOICE INCORPORATED: CO-DEVELOPMENT: Re-visiting the Early Stages of Voice and Movement Maturation (Online via Zoom) In this series of 4 classes (4 Wednesdays from 2-4pm NYC time) we will return to the important vocal and movement milestones (sucking, rolling, crying, babbling, etc.) in order to integrate and update our singing and moving habits now.

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March 1-3 2019
TUNING THE VOCAL SYSTEM: Finding Ease, Skill and Versatility in Singing and Speech (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) When you experience how your body/voice/self is a united whole so many things that once seemed confusing or even impossible become effortless and inevitable. You’ll see how what I call “The Technique of No Technique” is the best way to find all of your technical vocal needs. To register, visit: www.robertsussuma.com/work-together/

Cost: 390€

To Register: https://bit.ly/2Ttu2MM

For more information, contact: Nynke Lantinga, lantinganynke@gmail.com


March 9-10 2019
THE EXPERIENTIAL VOICE SERIES – EXPERIENTIAL VOCAL ANATOMY 2: Nose, Mouth and Throat; the Anatomy of Vowels, Consonants and Overtones (Paris, France) The anatomy and function of the vocal tract is complex and beautiful, yet we can understand its complexities in simple, yet profound ways that will have lasting effects on our singing, teaching and, most importantly, our thinking about the human voice. In this workshop we will break down the basics of vocal tract function using the same 4 Stages: Release, Mobilize, Coordinate and Integrate. You’ll see how the parts (Jaw, Tongue, Palate and Pharynx) work individually and together to produce healthy and flexible speaking and singing in any style. More information here: www.robertsussuma.com/work-together/ To register, contact: Oliver

Régin, olivier@vocallearningsystems.com


March 16-17 2019
THE EXPERIENTIAL VOICE SERIES – EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING FOR SINGERS: Developing your own Embodied Vocal Practice  (Paris, France) As singers (even if we are singing teachers, we are still singers, right?) it is important to develop a deep and personal practice for our own vocal growth. There are so many exercises, techniques, “methods” and ideas out there. Some might work well for you, others might seem useless. From an experiential learning perspective, everything can become useful once we are in a process of learning. Learn to practice, practice to learn… development is endless. More information here: www.robertsussuma.com/work-together/ To register, contact: Oliver Régin, olivier@vocallearningsystems.com

April 5-7 2019
BOOM!: Organizing your Whole Self for High Intensity Singing and Speaking with Zero Effort (London, England)
Most people associate high-intensity singing with high effort – necks bulging, veins popping – but, there is a way to make the loudest, fullest sounds with minimal work and no effort. In this workshop you will see that you can explore CCM singing styles and loud, intense vocal sounds in such a way that when you do it it feels like nothing at all! As Moshe Feldenkrais said, “Wise effort feels effortless.”

To register, contact: Robert Sussuma, rsussuma@gmail.com or use this payment link*: https://bit.ly/2Vw6UPy

*Installment plan available upon request.


April 13-17 2019
EXPERIENTIAL VOCAL ANATOMY: Mastering the Science of Vocal Function from the Inside-Out!  (Barcelona, Spain) – Co-taught with Javi Prieto You’ve taken workshops, read books, studies, practices and done what you’ve been told, but it is still now working. Why? Maybe you even tried to make certain techniques work because you have been told to do so, but after a while have found that it was not, and will not ever truly be integrated into your system and feel natural and easy. In this workshop, we will take you through an experiential journey that will allow your to integrate the information and let you find your own way and draw your own conclusions. Instruction will be in English and Spanish.

Cost: 450€ (workbook included)

For more information, contact Javi Prieto, javiprieto@hotmail.com


June 20-23 2019
THE JOYS OF SINGING AND GAY SEX – for Gay Men  (Barcelona, Spain) June 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in NYC that heralded the Gay Pride Movement. It is a special and powerful time for the LGBTQ Community around the world. This Pride-tide, I am offering a unique and transformative 4-day workshop just for Gay Men (I am a gay man, this is my personal specialty – no shade to others in the LGBTQ Community or straight folk. Perhaps we’ll branch out in the future?) that unites two of our favorite things: Singing and Gay Sex. You might be thinking… WHAT?!? How do these two things go together? Well, in my 20+ years of working in Musical Theater and the singing world in general, I have encountered countless cis gender gay male students that experience issues and difficulties with both. With my additional training as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, it quickly became obvious to me that the two were intimately connected. How you organize your pelvis and torso, mouth and throat, head and spine, breathing and pelvic floor all have a huge impact on your singing and experience during sex (not just the bottoms, y’all!). Duh! So, why not work with both – clarifying and integrating the connections? In this workshop, we will work with how we are organized and see how that might influence both of these wonderful experiences to bring more ease, comfort, pleasure and fun! As this can also be emotionally changed zone for some, there will be a support team available throughout the 4 days. So, this Pride, do something special… come to Barcelona (BCN Gay Pride Weekend is the next weekend!), unite your passions and celebrate our global social progress with a bit of personal growth and learning. P.S. We will be fully clothed and there will be no sexual activity in the workshop! And, although there will be discussion of various sexual functions, it will always be respectful, informative and spacious. For more information, contact Robert, rsussuma@gmail.com.