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2021 CLASS LINE-UP!: Details and Special Year Pass deal below…

(4 Sundays: Jan. 24, Feb. 8, Mar. 28, & April 25th from 2-4pm NYC time) THE PLACES WE AVOID: Mastering the Common by Way of the Weird and Unusual We all have things we do (vocally and otherwise) that we’ve done again and again in similar ways, yet we wonder why things don’t change. One way to improve the path that is well-traveled is to work with and connect it to the paths around and connected to it that are less-traveled! In this series we will go “off-roading” together into unusual and oft-ignored vocal territories. Aside from discovering new aspects of your voice and self, by doing so, your whole voice will improve – especially the well-known parts! Go figure!

(4 Wednesdays: February 3, 10, 17 & 24 from 2-4pm NYC time) THE VOICE INCORPORATED 1 : Breath and Tone, the Marvel of Transduction How does breath turn into sound? How much room for variation and diversity is there within this process? What are the variables? How can we find and move from choice to choice most fluidly and easily? One crucial touchpoint in clarifying this process for one’s self is understanding and experiencing transduction… the process by which breath energy is transformed into sound energy. Not only is it a wonder-filled aspect of vocalization to explore, it has far-reaching functional implications too! 

(4 Sundays: May 30, Jun. 27, Jul. 25, & August 15th from 2-4pm NYC time) FUNCTIONAL FUN: Playfully and Easily Improving Vocal Health and Ability One way to think about learning is to understand it as intelligent play! A playful approach keeps vocal development pleasant and fun while exploring and updating deep functional patterns. This allows habits and skills to be expanded and transformed easily and surprisingly in an integrated way! You’ll see that becoming comfortable with functional play as an alternative to a technical, slef-impositional approach brings all of the benefits that we seek from drills and exercises without all of the struggle and strife!

(4 Wednesdays: June 2, 9, 16 & 23 from 2-4pm NYC time ) THE VOICE INCORPORATED 2: Parts Intertwined, a Twist in the Story What does every great story have…? A plot twist! In this series we will look at different parts of ourselves as characters intertwined in a story. How did they meet? How do they relate now? How can those relationships improve? What other ways of relating are possible that we/they have never even dreamed of? Hint: In addition to including the whole body/voice/self in the story, we’ll be looking at two particular parts in relation to each other: the tongue and the spine!

(4 Sundays: Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 21, & December 12th from 2-4pm NYC time) COMMON PROBLEMS, UNCOMMON SOLUTIONS: New ways to Understand and Work with Typical Vocal Challenges There are some difficulties that come up again and again when working with the voice. Some are physical, some aesthetic; some are personal and emotional, some are mental and connected to our false beliefs and misunderstandings. Instead of attacking them directly, as most do, in this series we will look at the most common of these difficulties and learn to work with them in uncommon, even oblique ways. What will be revealed, through experience, is the interconnected nature of the body/mind/voice/spirit and how, with a little bit of systems thinking, common problems can melt away, easily and fundamentally, from the inside out! 

(4 Wednesdays: October 6, 13, 20 & 27 from 2-4pm NYC time) THE VOICE INCORPORATED 3: Waxing Lyrically, a Somatic Exploration of Classical Singing Lyrical, Classical singing has a long and rich history. The style was developed to fill halls small and large, without the aid of modern amplification and thus requires acoustic and physical mastery to be both loud and tender, powerful and beautiful, controlled and yet, utterly free. Optimizing the aesthetics and demands of this artful way of singing can be clarified and enhanced by a somatic, whole self (body/mind/voice/spirit) approach that goes way beyond the sounds and vocal pyrotechnics that are part of this singing style and into the physical/personal foundation that undergirds it all. What can emerge is a new way to feel and be in this style of singing that is truly integrated and even sensual. 

(4 Wednesdays: November 10 & 17, December 1 & 8 from 2-4pm NYC time) UNKNOWING YOUR VOICE: Updating your Vocal Habits by Uniting Linear/Non-Linear Learning What is your voice? Where does it come from? How did it become what it is today? How much of what it is now is authentic to you as an individual and how much is “put on” or has been conditioned socially or aesthetically? How much of the infinity of what your voice could be have you not ever experienced or included in your sense of “this is my voice”? In this deep and broad-reaching exploration we will do and undo, find and re-find, know and un-know as much as possible of what your voice truly is. What can emerge is a new sense of vocal self and ability, functional clarity, and a profound sense of liner/non-linear navigation in, out, around and through the hidden realms of pure vocal possibility.

Normal cost for ALL  classes, registering for each individually: $980

YEAR PASS (for ALL classes): $700 or 4 Installments of $175

(Includes access to video re-play if you cannont make it live!)


YEAR PASS: $700 (one payment)

$700 (4 Installments)