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September 6-8 2019
TUNING THE VOCAL SYSTEM: Finding Ease, Skill and Versatility in Singing and Speech (Santiago do Compostela, Spain) When you experience how your body/voice/self is a united whole so many things that once seemed confusing or even impossible become effortless and inevitable. You’ll see how what I call “The Technique of No Technique” is the best way to find all of your technical vocal needs.

Cost: 275€

For more information, and/or to register, contact: Ramón Bermejo, bermejorr@gmail.com


September 20 2019
A DAY IN THE VOICE: Two Interactive Masterclass Sessions (London, England) 10am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 6:00pm – come to one or both. In this interactive masterclass, anything can happen! But, there are some things we can count on: We will start with a group lesson, then I will work several individuals (30mins each) in the masterclass style (we will be up front, others will observe), but it will also be interactive in that observers will be invited to participate in whatever I am exploring with the individual singers. It will become a fascinating group exploration centered around the learning of one individual.  Email me if you’d like to be one of the individuals in the interactive masterclass!

Session one: 40£  (http://bit.ly/2WLJSZ5)

Session two: 40£  (http://bit.ly/2XQtiUv)

Both: 70£  (http://bit.ly/31zfLHg)

Additional fee for participating in the masterclass: 20£

For more information,  and/or to register, contact: Robert Sussuma, robert@robertsussuma.com


September 21 & 22 2019
THE INTEGRATED LARYNX: Connecting a Structure of Connections (London, England) The larynx is, arguably, the center of the vocal system as it contains the source of sound itself, the vocal folds. However, the larynx and it’s contents is suspended amid various surrounding structures and is intricately connected to the entire self physically and neurologically. Often those many connections get confused and can even work against vocal functionality. In this workshop, we will explore those connections to find a dynamic way to organize and access many of the laryngeal connections throughout the body/mind/self. It will completely alter your view of singing, voice science and human vocal potential.

Cost: 220£  (http://bit.ly/2XQr33s)

For more information, and/or to register, contact: Robert Sussuma, robert@robertsussuma.com


September 28 & 29 2019
BEING IN TUNE: Finding Inner and Outer Harmony through Exploring Voice, Movement and Embodied Listening (Toulouse, France) This special workshop is for singers and vocalists of all kinds who want to sing and feel more in tune with their music, themselves and others. We will explore new ways to listen, tune, vocalize and move such that a new unified sense of self emerges that can connect with and adjust to all the sounds around them.

Cost: 260€

For more information, and/or to register, contact: Cynthia Sinigaglia, cynthia.sinigaglia@free.fr


October 2, 9, 16, 13 2019 (4 Wednesdays, online) 
THE VOICE INCORPORATED: INTERLACED: Exploring the Wondrous Hand-Voice Connection (Online via Zoom) In this series of 4 classes (4 Wednesdays from 2-4pm NYC time) we will get to know the hands and voice in a totally new way – exploring the developmental and physical connections and making optimal use of the nerve highways that unite these to areas. You’ll be surprised to see, feel and hear the influence that your hands are already having on your vocal production and even more surprised to see how that relationship can be optimized for greater vocal success!

Register here for 1 class or the whole series:

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November 15-17 2019
UNTYING THE TONGUE: Finding Ease, Skill and Versatility in Singing and Speech (Amsterdam, Netherlands) The tongue is the center of the universe! Because of its evolutionary and developmental significance, the tongue is truly a functionally, emotionally and vocally influential structure. It is also a complex structure that is often “all tied up” with tension and extra work. Learning to untangle it and integrate it back into the whole system has profound consequences on speaking and singing as well as physical well-being overall. Join us and untie your tongue and unlock your potential.

Cost: 300€

For more information, and/or to register, contact: Nynke Lantinga, lantinganynke@gmail.com


December 6-9 2019 and January 12 2o2o
EXPERIENTIAL VOCAL ANATOMY: Mastering the Science of Vocal Function from the Inside-Out! (Barcelona, Spain/Online) This workshop is co-facilitated by Robert Sussuma and Javi Prieto. The first 4 days of this workshop are a deep introduction to a whole new way of experiencing and thinking about vocal anatomy and voice training. What makes it different? You’ll learn from the inside out! No information overload, no tricks, no showing off! The premise is that if you become aware of yourself and explore what you can do in subtle and organized ways your vocal skills will improve and your understanding will emerge in a connected way! Day 5 will be a unique, participant-inspired, stand alone workshop that builds on the first 4 days, but takes it in a totally new direction. There’s space between days 4 and 5 to give you time to integrate everything from the first four days before adding more. Day 5 is online only. Days 1-4 can be attended in-person at AVANOA in Barcelona, Spain or Online from wherever you are. Workshop will be presented in Spanish and English. Check it out: www.experientialvocalanatomy.com

Cost: 450€

For more information, and/or to register, contact: Javi Prieto, javiprieto@hotmail.com