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THE GUIDED SELF-STUDY PROGRAM                         

Over the last 3 years, Robert has recorded 100+ hours of live classes (1-2 hours in length) on topics ranging from specific vocal techniques to refining overall somatic (whole self) vocal integration. This library is at the heart of the new GUIDED SELF-STUDY PROGRAM that combines access to the library with 1-on-1 consultations (online) with Robert, a personalized workbook (see details below), a monthly live class (also online) and email access into a process for guided learning in the comfort of your own living room. This program is appropriate for both beginners and professionals alike.


Topics in the Video Learning Library include: Belting, Warming-up, Musicality, Breathing, Balancing Breath and Tone, Somatic Acoustics, Understanding Standing, Freeing the Tongue and more… Though there are two “Intro Series” (“Basic” and “Deeper,” 8 hours each), the remainder of the library is not “linear;” you can continue with whatever classes interest you or seem most useful for you at any given time.

After our initial consultation, Robert will create a Personalized Workbook just for you that will include a specially designed order of videos that will address your vocal needs. Surrounding each video will be a personalized process that will help you contextualize the video content and apply it to your particular interests and learning goals. But, of course, you can self-regulate and self-direct (and must!) throughout the process according to your own schedule, learning rhythm, comfort and time available.

In addition to being part of the full GUIDED SELF-STUDY PROGRAM, what makes this Online Video Learning Library different for other video subscription programs is that it is not just a series of short videos about “what you should/would/could do” if you practice on your own. Each video in this library is an actual class (that was recorded live) introducing you to a topic then taking you through a complete Neuro-physical Integration Lesson (or two), with lectures and discussion if/when appropriate. In other words, each class, each lesson is a complete process of learning. This allows you to get whatever we are working with in the class “into your system,” then and there.

This library of classes, in combination with the other aspects of THE GUIDED SELF-STUDY PROGRAM (monthly classes, consult call(s) and email access), is designed so that the learning accumulates over time and little practice (often none at all) is needed beyond the class – because if you’ve learned something, you’ve learned it! Depending on your habits and prior experiences, some classes may seem challenging while others more simple and pleasurable. You may want to revisit some classes from time to time, of course. You may also want to play with what you’ve learned in a class later, on your own, of course. (I consider this to be different from “practicing.”) It’s up to you. But the real aim of this library (and each class) is for you to find the pleasure in the challenge and challenge in the pleasure of learning to move, sense and think about your voice in totally new ways! In the Somatic Learning tradition, this approach brings deeper understanding, greater skill and faster integration.

For more details about THE GUIDED SELF-STUDY PROGRAM, and to register, see below…


P.S. I am always adding new classes and videos to the library so don’t worry about running out of material for adding to your learning!

P.P.S. I am also offering special Voice Lesson Packages that integrate the Video Learning Library into Trimesters (4 months) of private voice lessons. To learn more about those options, visit

Here’s a little video tour of the library and how it works…

  • - $500 / 4 Months
    4 Months $500 -initial consultation call with Robert (30mins.) -full access to the Video Learning Library -1 live monthly group class (2 hours.)* -final consultation call with Robert (30mins.) -email access
    - $720 / 6 Months
    6 Months $720 -initial consultation call with Robert (30mins.) -full access to the Video Learning Library -1 live monthly group class (2 hours.) -final consultation call with Robert (30mins.) -email access +half-way check-in call (1 @ 30mins.)
    - $1,380 / 1 Year
    1 Year $1380 -initial consultation call with Robert (30mins.) -full access to the Video Learning Library -1 live monthly group class (2 hours.) -final consultation call with Robert (30mins.) -email access +check in call after each 4 months (2 @ 30mins.) Monthly plans available, get in touch.