What is VLS?

The voice world is evolving and VLS is right here to move it along…perhaps even further than you know is possible. The technique and exercise model of voice training has been around too long, created too many limitations, and perpetuated too much personal and cultural confusion; it’s yesterday’s training. Today’s singers and voice professionals need to be smarter and more sophisticated; they need to rely on research from various fields of study, not only on voice science; they need to move beyond the ancient classical ideas or what happens to be popular on youtube this week. Singers need to rely on themselves, on their own experience – which is the basis for true mastery.

VLS is Robert Sussuma‘s contribution to the evolution of voice learning. It’s about separating fact from fiction, experience from information, and good singers from bad ideas while providing an experientially empirical process that unites the universal and personal through awareness in action.

But most importantly, it’s about reconnecting people to themselves through deep, fascinating, and highly effective learning situations and processes that will change the voice learning game forever.